Rates and Reservations

Covid-19 Info

We have taken all the possible and necessary measures to safeguard the health of guests and staff.

We kindly request for all guests to adhere to global and national guidelines in behaviour during their stay in order to ensure these measures are effective.

Thank you for your cooperation and be safe.

Booking request


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IMPORTANT: While we give our international customers the possibility to make a reservation request on-line, for people residing in Ethiopia we do not accept on-line requests and to make a reservation you should call the reception at the following numbers:

  • 0928873268
  • 0461191181
  • 0461191466

Check-in/out times

Check-out expected to be no later than 10h30. We are however flexible in case your bungalow is vacant on that day and can allow to check out just after lunch. Kindly ask the reception if this is possible in due time.

Room Billing

Bills are payable in cash. Cheques are not accepted without prior arragement with the Management. Credit cards are not accepted. During your stay bills can be charged to your room account provided you exhibit your Guest Card (given upon check-in) or your bungalow key.


  • All reservations are confirmed only by advanced payment of full amount, within the date indicated upon reservation.
  • Upon payment you will be given a receipt, make sure you have it with you on arrival.

Payment and confirmation can be done directly at Sabana or at the following location in Addis Ababa:

Blue Tops Trading Main Office
Marathon Building, Megenagna, 3rd Floor
Addis Ababa
Tel: +251-116612432
Open Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Current rates

All prices are INCLUSIVE of breakfast, free entrance to the Wellness Center (except massage services), 15% VAT and 10% Service Charge.

Please note that the final accomodation price will be calculated in Ethiopian Birr according to the current exchange rate at the time of payment


IMPORTANT: From December 15th, 2024 until January 15th, 2025 the week end rate will be applied also for week days.

Accomodation Type * Week ends
Rate (USD)
Week days
Rate (USD)
SingleStd/Fam 81 70
DoubleStd/Fam 97 84
Triple Std (3 normal beds)Std/Fam 122.50 107.50
Triple Family (2 NB + 1 WMB)Fam 115 101
For four (3 NB + 1 WMB)Fam 138 121
For four (2 NB + 2 WMB)Fam 134 116
For five (3 NB + 2 WMB)Fam 157 137

Std up to 3 adults Fam up to 3 adults and 2 children/teenagers
Bed types: NB = Normal, WMB = Wall mounted

Additional info

Wall mounted beds are designed for children aged 6-14. They are smaller than normal beds and a sleeping bag is provided.

Family bungalows are interconnected and are suitable for large families or groups


From The 1st of November we are introducing our brand new Villas for families.

Villa Type Max occupancy Max Adults Beds Rate Including Breakfast (USD) Rate Excluding Breakfast (USD)
Small 4 2 2 normal, 2 couch 136 118
Medium 6 4 1 double, 2 single, 2 couch 224 195
Large 9 7 7 normal, 2 couch 353 306


We realize that sometimes plans change. In order to be fair to other prospective guests and to avoid unnecessary charges, please abide to the following cancellation rules which are applicable once your booking has been confirmed (by advance payment of full amount).

General rules for all bookings

Cancellations should be done by 2 p.m. local time.

Standard bookings

Cancellation date
(days before arrival date)
Applicable refund for individual days included in the booking
1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day 4th Day 5th Day onwards
4 days or more Full Full Full Full Full
3 days 90% Full Full Full Full
2 days 60% 90% Full Full Full
1 day 30% 60% 90% Full Full
same day None 30% 60% 90% Full
all other cases None None None None None


If you have booked for 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) then to get a full refund on all 3 days you need to cancel your booking before Monday 2 p.m. local time. If you cancel your booking after 2 p.m. and before Tuesday 2 p.m. (meaning cancellation occurred 3 days before schedule arrival date) you will be entitled to a 90% refund for the 1st Day (Friday) and full refund for the 2nd and 3rd day (Saturday and Sunday).

Group Bookings

For groups bookings cancellation rules will be agreed on prior to confirmation, based on the specific reservation and services requested.

General Notes

In the unfortunate case where you may have incurred in charges due to late cancellation, we will however do our best to re-let your accommodation and if successful, we will refund the full amount for those days in which your accommodation was re-let.

Changes or cancellations are only accepted by telephone.

Sabana Beach Resort is not responsible for weather conditions, personal emergencies or other situations that may impede you from reaching the resort.


You can download our cancellation policy for reference or printing here

General rules

It is not allowed to:

  • Bring in the resort your own food and drinks without notifying the reception (corkage fees may apply)
  • Play loud music anywhere in the compound
  • Make loud noises near the bungalows area
  • Drive motor boats and jet skiis at a distance less than 100m from the beach. Reaching the shore or the dock is solely for parking, dropping or picking up passengers
  • Accommodate with pets
  • Make unauthorized camp fires or picnics
  • Reach the beach area with your own vehicle or motorbike without authorization from the reception
  • Trespass beyond the wooden protection fence along the cliff area
  • Enter into the cave found at the foot of the cliff
  • Smoke cigars and pipes in the restaurant
  • Chew chat
  • Camp

We also kindly ask you to refrain from smoking inside the room since materials used for the decoration of the rooms can highly absorb smoke odor