Getting there

Sabana is located only 200kms South of Addis, on the shores of Lake Langano, right at the heart of the Great Rift Valley.


There are two alternative routes to reach langano from Addis Ababa:

Route A: Addis Ababa - Modjo - Ziway - Langano

Take the road going south towards Debre Zeit/Adama. When you reach Akaki Beseka you will find indications for the express way. Follow those indications and then take the express way in direction Modjo.
Exit the express way at the Modjo exit and then follow directions to Modjo town.
In Modjo follow directions for Ziway/Hawassa

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Route B: Addis Ababa - Alem Gena - Butajira - Ziway - Langano

This route is much more scenic and enjoyable than the first option, however we strongly suggest NOT to use this route during late afternoon/evening as it's quite isolated and in case of problems/emergencies you will hardly find assistance.

Take the road going South-West to Jimma (from the Ring Road) and when you reach the town of Alem Gena turn left towards Butajira.
Just before Butajira (approx 130km from Addis Ababa) turn left towards Ziway (do not enter Butajira town). When you reach Ziway turn right towards Langano/Hawasa.

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After Ziway

Both routes will take you past Ziway towards Langano. Ziway to Langano is about 40km and Bulbula is the last town before reaching Langano. You will pass Bulbula about 10km before reaching Sabana's large and visible sign board, which is just past the 200km milestone (placed on the right hand side of the road if coming from Addis). The sign board indicates the turn onto a dirt road which you need to make to reach Sabana.

Follow the dirt road for 1.7km until you reach a T-junction, then turn left and proceed for another 1.1km up to the resort's main entrance.


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